Too Much Birthday (Parties)

I hope my kids don’t discover that I’m a party pooper. I hate to bring them down when they’re just trying to have fun blowing birthday bubbles and eating too many cupcakes.

But I’m sorry kids … I’ve just been to way too many kiddie birthday parties, and I am partied out.

Slurm's McKenzie - I'm so tired of partying

If you’ve seen Futurama, you’ll get this.

They have no idea how many parties I say no to. Do I feel a bit guilty? No – if I said yes to every party, we’d be at one probably twice a month. We don’t have time for that! (=I would have a nervous breakdown.)

And you know what else? I’m not made of endless money and time to figure out what gift to buy every kid. (Actually, buying small children gifts is right down on the list with ironing and cleaning toilets.) No kidding: we just entered a budget line item for gifts – for my kids and their friends. I mean, I’m a fan of giving and know everything always comes around, but yikes … new kids toys are pricey!

You know what I really am most tired of, though? How quite tiring the party itself is … even though it’s supposed to be a fun party. For a parent, birthday parties are exhausting trials of making sure your kid(s) plays nicely with other 25 kids, doesn’t steal the birthday girls’ slice of cake, doesn’t start opening the gift we’re bringing to the party (I’m looking at you, Puff…), doesn’t have an ear-splitting meltdown (now there’s a party pooper), takes regular potty breaks, stays hydrated, doesn’t wander around the host’s house or climb their stairs … you know the drill, parents. Usually the host is a close friend of mine, and we can’t even have a decent, “Hey, how are you? What’s new since we last met and spent 75% of the time watching over our children?”

How is that a party? I know what you’re going to tell me: it’s not a party for you, mom, it’s for the kids, so buck up, buttercup.

Yeah, I can pretend I’m enjoying myself for my kids’ sake, but I would just rather be somewhere else. Call me an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy (go ahead, I can take it: my husband frequently jokes I am one), but I’d rather be at a quiet playdate any day.

I’m with you, Slurm’s McKenzie and Sister Bear; I’m so tired of partying, too.

the Berenstain Bears and too much birthday

I’m crying right along with you, Sister – on the inside.


14 thoughts on “Too Much Birthday (Parties)

  1. I’m so not into kids’ parties. They don’t need more toys, I am not a fan of the extravagance either. We do simple family parties and just a few presents. If other families like going big, that’s fine but it’s not for us. 😉

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  2. Totes the same, Mama! I’m so socially awkward around other parents, and I’d rather not have 80 children running around my house. Fox’s birthday is coming up in a week, and we’re only inviting family. I wonder how many more birthdays I can get away with that – eeeek!

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    • I like your attitude. 🙂 I’m thinking the same thing! Squish will be 4 this year, so I’m guessing for 5 years old we’ll have to do something a bit more, but then again maybe not. Where we live (NJ), it seems people always give their kids too much – parties every year, fifty bazillion classes, you name it. I don’t see as many family parties – or just gatherings – as I thought I would….

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  3. We haven’t gone to many parties yet, BUT we have two next week. Two, I tell you! And one of them requires me to drag my butt (and Noah, obviously) to the zoo at 10 am. We thought about doing a party for Noah’s birthday, but we were in Scotland, and then by the time we got home, it was kind of beside the point.
    You’re right, kids don’t need more toys. So I got art supplies! Drawing pad, watercolors, and crayons. $10 for both kiddos, not bad, right?

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    • Two parties!! Yeah, that’s a lot. Last weekend I took both kids to a party alone, and it was tough. I needed a nap, lol.
      I love giving art supplies as gifts!! Consumables are great, and it seems they forever need new drawing supplies, crayons, and paints.
      We’re considering what to do for Squish’s birthday in ❤ weeks, and I don't know if we'll do a casual bbq with our closest 4 friends and my in-laws or just my in-laws. Sigh…

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  4. Earlier this year we had to go to THREE birthday parties in ONE day. Omg. At least with Little Man, the kids are older and can mostly behave. It does get expensive, though. $20 a pop adds up.

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