Toddler Talk Tuesday: Food, The Eclipse, and Ear Bombs

Squish has been saying so many coherent and logical things lately that my list of funny toddler gems is rather drying up. Puff had better start to say funnier things, right? Or else this weekly special is going the way of her stinky diapers – the the trash!

So today I have a smattering of funny things which are unrelated but amusing nonetheless.

Over dinner (which contained turkey sausage, beans, and spinach, for reference), Squish picked this deep thought from I’m not sure where:

Squish: “Princess food is, like, couscous, and other stuff.”

Me: “What else is princess food?”

Squish: “Vitamins.”

Me: “What other foods are princess food?”

Squish: “Spinach. Turkey. Water. Peach. Applesauce! Ice cream! And … and .. turkey sausage. And beans are princess food. And all quarts of other stuff.”

Aha … Beans: the stuff princesses are made of….

israeli couscous

Israeli couscous is hands down Squish’s favorite food … yes, weird.

Yesterday’s eclipse across North America was pretty exciting. We got about 70% totality, and Squish and I made a viewing box to watch the shadow through a pinhole. I totally remember doing this back in 1994 in Wisconsin in school, by the way. Classic! Well, yesterday I explained what was going on, namely that she couldn’t look at the sun no matter what. Later in the afternoon, as she was getting ready for her swim class, she asked:

Squish: “Is the eclipse going to destroy my swim class?”

Once, her swim class was cancelled midway through due to thunderstorms; she’ll never forget that, apparently.

And last night, as my husband told Squish he was about to take a shower:

Squish: “Don’t forget to clean out your ear bombs!”

Ear drums?!?! Yikes….

9 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Food, The Eclipse, and Ear Bombs

  1. Yes! Omg yes!
    First of all, I love that Princess Food comes in quarts. Screw you, metric system!

    But I TOTALLY remember a solar eclipse in 1994. I was in high school and hanging out with my friends and it wasn’t even a big deal but I looked at it and I AM NOT BLIND. (I do not advise looking at the sun but it’s true.)
    I have found no one to corroborate this 1994 eclipse.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it’s ‘Murica, so obviously quarts… HAHA…

      Yes, it actually happened! I wasn’t sure the exact year, so I googled it; I just remembered making the viewer for the playground. Can you actually see the eclipse if you look at it, or is the sun still too bright?


  2. Ear bombs, LOL!!! How cool that y’all did one of the projector boxes. We went with the glasses, and trying to get Baby Girl to look through those for a few seconds without jerking away and possibly blinding herself was very difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

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