“My Best” Series: Best Sticker Uses (That Don’t Cover The Walls!)

Did you catch the last two weeks of my “My Best” mini-series? I gave you my best parenting hacks and my favorite art and crafts projects. Today I want to share a few ideas I’ve used that involve stickers. Yes, those things that end up (at least in my house) on the floor, on books, and stuck to the bottom of your feet. But my kids LOVE stickers. We have half a drawer devoted to the little devils, so I have to use them up somehow … right?

I mean, I give out stickers to my girls when they do something good or perhaps get clean-up done really quickly. But I’ve come up with a few ideas that use stickers to get my girls excited about something else – because they are definitely already excited about using stickers!

  1. Learning her numbers.  Squish knows her numbers 1-10, but after that she is pretty much lost. But we’re working on it. However, she knows that when she gets a number down pat, she gets to add a sticker to her list which is on the fridge. We read deli ticket numbers, house numbers, you name it … and I love hearing her ask, “Do I get a sticker now for that?”

    Sticker incentives for learning numbers

    1-10 … we got you … 11-20 is on the back … and nearly blank!

  2. Backyard scavenger hunt!  We all know there’s a lot to learn about in our yards, and also that kids love finding special treasures, so I combined them for a backyard scavenger hunt. This is a great playdate activity, too (I printed it b&w). The kids get a sticker to put under the item pictured which they found – and are so excited to fill their sheet!backyard nature scavenger hunt worksheet
  3. Easter egg hunt prizes.  Did my kids get candy in their Easter eggs this past year? Heck no! I especially didn’t want Puff to get candy. So they got stickers and band-aids (which are basically glorified stickers) … and were thrilled! I scored some super awesome puffy and textured stickers from Target’s dollar bins.


    Helluva sticker haul happening here … and organized, too.

  4. Baby distraction.  Honestly, I’m having major trouble getting Puff and Squish to play together nicely. It goes both ways: at different times both girls start grabbing the other’s toys and run away with it. My solution: distraction! It works with Puff to say, “Hey, do you want a sticker? You look cute today….” Turns out she likes stickers better than her sister’s toys!
  5. Learning what shoe goes on which foot.  So, we totally tried that “cut the sticker in half and put each half in a shoe” trick, but somehow the sticker always ended up on the bottom of Squish’s foot. So I just put one whole sticker in her left shoe only. She knew her left from right, so whenever she asked me if her shoes were on correctly, I always answered, “Is the sticker on the left?” Boom! It worked!

    Sticker halves in shoe to teach dressing

    Why didn’t our stickers stay on the shoe like these did?

And one last tip, should those stickers end up somewhere they shouldn’t (say, your walls… or your leather furniture….): just use your blow dryer to heat the sticker enough to loosen the glue. The sticker should come right off!

What are your best sticker tricks?

17 thoughts on ““My Best” Series: Best Sticker Uses (That Don’t Cover The Walls!)

  1. Thanks for the blow dryer trick.
    I’ve taken to giving a sticker as a form of bribery. Like “If you let me change your diaper, you can have an Elmo sticker”. In fact he has one on his shirt right now for that very reason. I’m pretty sure it will be solid gold when it comes time for potty training.

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  2. I miss sticker days. We had a container with every sticker type imaginable. They were used in potty training, yes, but the best rendition was when the girls made cards and gifts for people, to see which stickers they picked and where they placed them.

    I might or might not have kept every sticker-laden gift my girls have ever given me. No regrets.


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