Happy Labor Day, Fellow Parents!

So, am I the only person a bit fuzzy on what Labor Day is actually about? I just googled it to make sure I know what it really celebrates – the American worker, in short.

That includes parents, right? I mean, this is my job – to raise my kids every day. I might have a small gig here or there, but for the very most part my job is parenting:

  • Washing everyone’s clothes
  • Washing dishes
  • Cooking three meals a day
  • Planning activities for the kids
  • Managing the family calendar, including health appointments for all 4 of us
  • Managing the household budget
  • Cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, etc.
  • Teaching my kids their letters, numbers, writing, manners, etc.
  • Chauffeuring my kids and myself
  • Etc. (much etc.)

Am I right, parents? We’re a bit busy. (And many of you parent and have a full-time or part-time job, too – double great job to you!!!) So … happy holiday to you and me! Let’s celebrate all we do and achieve!

I had a fun post planned to discuss mom versus dad parenting, but I figured most of us would be barbecuing today instead of reading blogs (the way it should be, eh?). I’ll save that for next week, I think.

So here are a few funny – and very popular (thanks, Google) – parenting memes for you to giggle over. True, are they not?

e-cards parenting meme


Why do they want dinner every single night








Enjoy your “day off,” parents!!!


7 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day, Fellow Parents!

  1. You hit this on every note! The bits from Google were perfect too! You found them though so that counts! What always got to me was that all these tacks you do are so brief to live!! You keep have to do the food, clean everything, pick up, over and over again. Short shelf life!!! Never-ending stream that leaves you exhausted at times!!

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