Toddler Talk Tuesday: Sweet Dreams?

Every family has their particular bedtime routine, and ours involves split duties. First we read together in Squish’s bed, then one of us takes Puff to her bed to lay down while the other lays with Squish for a few minutes after she turns off the light in preparation for dreamland.

Usually those few minutes are filled by a pretty squirmy kid turning her blanket and sheet into something like a tornado and snuggling on and off toward me. Occasionally Squish will chatter nonstop while her body and brain still struggle to slow down for the night.

And on rare occasions, she’ll give us a golden conversational nugget such as this:

Me: “Squish, what are you going to dream about tonight?”

Squish: “King Hubert.”

[I crack up, which causes her to crack up, which leads to her getting the hiccups.]

Me: “Why are you going to dream of him?!”

Squish: “Because I like him a lot.”

Me: “Why is that?”

Squish: “Because he’s so funny!”

King Hubert and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

I’m 95% sure she was joking – she is now quite the ham and knows how to get a rise out of us, even at 7:45pm. But who really knows … could it be the barrel chest holds a strong attraction?!

For laughs … have your children expressed an interest – real or jokingly – for a humorous paramour?

10 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Sweet Dreams?

  1. LOL! Old and rotund, nice πŸ˜‰

    Can’t say that my kids have expressed interest in a humorous paramour, but LM has grown awfully fond of the leading ladies in the Star Wars movies. I think it’s equal parts thinking they’re totally kickass and having a bit of a crush.

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  2. I keep a list of the humorous things my three year old says because one. they make me laugh for later and two. I never want to forget them! And your daughter cracks me up! Nice to “meet” you, visiting from Eli’s 6 words post. πŸ™‚

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