A Weekend … That is Far, Far Away

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A preview of a great blog post, courtesy of Dorky Mom Doodles.

Before I get to my post, I want to highlight a guest feature post of one of my favorite blogs, Dorky Mom Doodles, featuring … Welcome To The Nursery! She doodled a fun post I wrote about how kids always seem to remember exactly what you’d rather they forget. In this case the giggles come at the expense of one of my kids’ grandmas, but the story could have easily featured the klutzy escapades of yours truly. Enjoy her post, and please follow her blog for nonstop laughs and awesome doodles!


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Parents, do you remember something called a weekend? It’s this period of two days between Friday and Monday when non-parents get to sleep in, relax, stay up late without consequences, and generally do whatever the heck you want to do. Does that sound familiar? I thought not. I don’t recall exactly how a carefree weekend is, truthfully; a weekend is at best a continuation of the “work week” and at worst even busier. I feel a bit like the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey: 

Right?! (I love that show – and that’s one of my favorite lines from it!) I kind of wonder if I will ever experience a leisurely weekend again before my kids go off to college.

I dream of my kids:

  • getting up on their own without yelling “It’s MORNING time!” or “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!” over the monitor
  • going to the toilet on their own, and even quietly
  • getting a glass of water or milk by themselves – without spilling
  • calmly reading or playing in their rooms for a little bit before mom and dad do
  • not fighting, kicking each other, or raising their voices while mom and dad are still asleep

Yet at the moment my kids wake up at the same time every single day. (And really, they should … since their bodies know nothing different between a Friday and a Saturday) Whether it’s 6:45 or 7:25 when they wake, my husband and I never fail to say to ourselves, “Why can’t you sleep in just a little bit more?!”

And then a few minutes later I ask myself, “Will I ever drink my morning coffee and enjoy every sip rather than chugging sips between wiping a small butt (not my own), finding a misplaced stuffed buddy, and cleaning up spilled milk?”

(Answer: Only if I run away from home, so no.)

This weekend was a bit rough because both Puff and Squish suffered from colds. Naturally, they were tired, feeling crummy, and needed naps. Squish didn’t sleep well at night, so we didn’t, either. Basically we could’ve dealt with chilling on the couch with a book the whole two days. What a dream! (Literally.)

Around 4pm on Saturday when both girls were doing an epic bouncing/whining/chattering combo, this exasperated comment came from my husband:

Husband: “Can’t we all just play quietly with Legos for a few hours?”

(Answer: No.)

But I can dream … and I do! Earlier that day as we cleaned up the lunch dishes and made a pot of afternoon coffee, we had this conversation:

Husband: “What do you want to do the rest of today?”

Me: “What I’d like to do is enjoy this cup of coffee and watch the gymnastics on TV this afternoon.”

Husband: [Pause while staring with ironic expression … then raucous laughter….]

Needless to say I took random sips of lukewarm coffee and watched the gymnastics recording at night!

So what do you reckon? Can parents have a leisurely weekend morning before their kids go off to college?!

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