Oh, Great Pumpkin, Where Are You?!

Decorating for Halloween is NOT like decorating for Christmas. I can’t get into the Halloween spirit no matter how hard I try. What happens is the house looks half-assed (like much of what I do in life, as I judge it) … don’t you think?


Basically we made paper spider, ghost, and bat decorations – and the spider and web was recycled from last year! No flashing lights, no blow-up lawn pumpkins, no moaning skeletons. Simple and as little effort as I can.

But am I supposed to go crazy decorating for this holiday?

I’ll be honest, Halloween: I don’t care about you too much. You are like a forgotten stepchild next to Christmas and Easter. I’ve never gotten into Halloween, even when I was a kid. I had my costume (always homemade by myself or my mom), my pumpkin trick or treat bucket, and our carved pumpkins on the front stoop. No decorations, no special treats that I remember, no fancy crafts.

So why do I feel like I need to achieve more for my kids on this holiday so they “feel” it? Why do I feel like an inadequate mom when it comes to this holiday?

Oh yeah – Pinterest, creepy “graveyard” houses I drive past, and all the Halloween crafty crap at storytime and everywhere else I look.

But you know where I do put my effort? Into my kid’s costumes.

I’ve made all but one of my girls’ Halloween costumes so far, not because I love sewing (it’s fun but my skill level is medium-low), yearn to feel like a loser after trying to make a costume that looks as good as a Pinterest board, or want to Out-Jones every other mom. Not at all. In fact, I almost bought an Abby Cadabby costume online this year – and for $20, why the hell didn’t I?!

Because I feel guilty as a stay-at-home-mom, probably. I have time at home, so why not make my kids’ costumes from scratch – or mostly from scratch? It’s usually cheaper and a bit of an adventure for us. (Well, me – it’s always me making it at this point!) Plus, I always had a homemade costume growing up, so why change tradition for my kids?

(If you’re curious, I’ll post a photo of the costumes on Halloween. Judgement day….)

In a way I feel like Linus … I’m wondering where the Halloween Pumpkin is, and why he didn’t visit our house. I guess we’re not a real sincere pumpkin patch over here!

So, where do you fall on the Halloween love spectrum? Love it, hate it, or just warmed over?

17 thoughts on “Oh, Great Pumpkin, Where Are You?!

  1. I grew up not even celebrating Halloween. I think two years ago was the first time I ever carved a pumpkin? I don’t like scary stuff, so I’ll stick with fall. Besides, it lasts longer. And by fall, I mean five leaf sun catchers taped to the kitchen door and a fall candle on the mantle. I’m so lame. But seriously, I much prefer Christmas.

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    • How did you not celebrate Halloween? Was it a for religion or were you not in the US?
      Yeah, fall is so pleasant that I think it is 10 times better than Halloween. It has a happy connotation versus a scary one, so it’s an obvious win in my book.
      Yeah, I decorate quite a bit for Christmas. I love it! I look forward to it most of the year….


  2. I loved Halloween as a kid (the 1960s)…there was costumes (2)..one for school and one for home…a carved pumpkin family out front…jointed skeleton on the front door…and tons of candy. We made up the bags for the trick-or-treaters and decorated milk cartons to collect for UNICEF…yes, I loved Halloween. Over the years, it’s gotten weird and scary…not in a good way…my girls still enjoy trick-or-treating but they must go with us…shoot…I walked miles at Halloween…the bag was so heavy I could hardly carry it home. But the girls do enjoy it and we have our pumpkin family…a mixture of Fall/Halloween…and a warm-up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love that you make the costumes. 🙂

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    • What nice memories you have! Yes, I enjoyed it as a kid, too. For some reason, as a parent now, it feels different and much scarier.
      Funny that you say Halloween has gotten weird and scary. My parents and two sisters read my post and had the same reaction!
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  3. Oh yayyy! Halloween! I enjoyed them in my youth – usually meant a night out and lots of drink while partying in scary costumes. After that, I can’t be bothered until the kids started school and they hv all sorts of things to ask for. But I drew the line at decorating our home. The kids are scary enough! 😜
    It’s awesome that you have the talent to make kids clothes from scratch! Save a lot that way and it’ll always be a special thing for your kid. ,😊

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  4. Used to not care about any of the holidays, but I definitely get into Halloween and Christmas now (especially Christmas). We live in the only real neighborhood in our rural community, so we get hundreds of kids trick-or-treating. The kids loving going around for candy themselves, of course, but probably enjoy handing it out just as much. I don’t do costumes, though, unless it’s something I can cut out on my vinyl cutter and slap on a shirt!


    • Wow, that’s a lot of trick or treaters!!! We get less than 20, despite being in a fairly big neighborhood in a suburban area.
      I don’t dress up, either!! Basically I spend Halloween night (after the kids are asleep) annoyed that I have to be in day clothes (plus bra – the horror) so I can answer the doorbell, trying not to eat too much of the candy myself. 🙂

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