Toddler Talk Tuesday: Parlez-vous Français?

My girls are at the point where they have short conversations together, even if it’s just “Morning!” or “Are you playing with that?” and then “No, done!” etc. It’s cute to watch, especially because it often includes a lot of deadpan unintentional humor – hilarious to us but difficult to capture on paper.

Hopefully soon there will be some delightful conversations between the two to share in the near future. For now, I have a mostly one-sided funny from Squish this morning. Keep in mind she likes to both make up words, including translations to/from French!

Squish: “Puffer, wear this tiara.”

Puff: “No.” [Runs out of her room.]

Squish [Chasing her little sister]: “Yes! Wear this tiara!”

Puff: “Nooooo!!!!”

Me: “Hey, that’s not a tiara, that’s a headband, Squisher Pants.”

Squish: “No, it’s not a headband. A headband in French is a tiara.

Me: “Oh, un tiara, oui? Très belle.”

Guess we need to work on our French words!

*  *  *

I want to share a blog post I read last night that really resonates with me. Sophie at Old House in the Shires discussed our roles as parents sharing photos and information of our children on social media. It’s an issue our generation is uniquely faced with and debated strongly in our house with regards to this blog, in fact. I don’t necessarily want to start a discussion of the issue here, since there is one on her blog’s comments, but I just wanted to share her excellent post.

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