Toddler Talk Tuesday: Happy Halloween and … Taunting?

First off, Happy Halloween! I hope you and your kids are enjoying a very spirited holiday (see what I did there?!). Squish has been wearing her Elsa costume for the past 6 weeks … every day (yes, I’ve washed it), and Puff has worn her costume all of 0.75 seconds – and never will again.


You’d think this was torture or something….

I sewed her a very simple Abby Cadabby (from Sesame Street) costume that is easy to put on – there are arm holes and the thing ties in the back with the purple ribbons – and pretty soft. It’s made of soft tulle, not scratchy stuff. She loves the wings and the wand, but not the dress. And without the dress she’s just some kind of mismatched fairy.

Alas, another Halloween costume fail for her (she didn’t like last year’s, either, which was Boo from Monster’s Inc). I don’t know what she’ll wear when we trick or treat in our neighborhood tonight, but since we’ll only be going for about 7 minutes, I hardly think it matters.

But that’s a cute Abby costume, right? You can’t really tell, but the waist and neck is a pretty flower ribbon I tacked on – $3/yd! The whole costume cost $10 plus a whole lotta love … and since you really can’t put a price on love, I guess her costume is priceless.

I’m really going to guilt her with this when she’s older aren’t I??!

What are your kids dressed up as for Halloween? Did it go smoothly? Better than Puff’s misadventures?

And now for a funny tidbit. We’ve been talking about the issue of taunting with Squish regarding how she talks to her sister and takes her toys away sometimes (while telling her she’s doing it) to “play” with Puff. You can guess how much Puff loves that game! (Not!!)

Needless to say, Squish may fully understand the concept of taunting now, although it hasn’t stopped her yet from doing it herself.

Squish: “Mom, you’re the star student. Come with me to the dress up area.”

Me: “Ooh, Puffer Pants, your sister said I’m the star student!”

Squish: “Mom, don’t say that! That’s taunting.”

She’s right, eh?!

P.S. Squish’s pre-k class has a star student each day that counts on the calendar, dresses their “weather of the day bear,” etc. Lucky me, right?

I hope you enjoy your Halloween festivities!

6 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Happy Halloween and … Taunting?

  1. I’m sorry, but that picture made me laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Great costume, too bad it wasn’t appreciated. Noah was the Cookie Monster, with blue pants and sweater and a beanie that I made and glued ping-pong eyeballs onto. He has never worn a hat for more than 30 seconds, but he actually liked this one!


    • It was such a cute costume. Kind of made me sad that it was all a waste. 😦
      He was adorable in it!! It’s great when kids wear a costume for a character they’re so thrilled about – even if it’s not 100% comfortable they’ll wear it because they feel so cool!!!


  2. Okay so I am going to start with this year and see how far back I can remember without looking at the pictures.
    This year: Tardis and Hermione
    Last year: Unicorn and witch
    Year before last: Hippie and mermaid
    Year before that: Ninja and Elsa (hi)
    Other years: Witch and…crap I don’t remember; evil queen and good fairy; Princess and Pea; scary ballerina and elephant; ghost and firefighter; lion and bunny.

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