Toddler Talk Tuesday: A New Toddler and Her Words!

Hi guys! Umm … so I’ve missed two regular Monday posts in a row. Yikes. I’m sure nobody noticed (except my parents and in-laws … am I right?), but I’m disappointed in myself because I prefer to maintain personal discipline with my goals, even for hobbies.

Buuut…. There have been two recent changes here. The first is that I’ve been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, severely in my left, so I’m not terribly keen to type long passages or even hover over the keyboard in thought. There went my plans for NaNoWriMo this year, too. 😦

The second change is that two weeks ago I became an independent sales consultant for Usborne Books and More. (Because I love books!) I joined the millions of other work-at-home stay-at-home-moms selling stuff, right? Yeah…. At least I’m passionate about books and truly believe in bringing as many quality books to as many kids as possible. But the result is less blogging time.

But I’ve also been hitting a bit of a writer’s lull lately, and these two factors haven’t helped things. I will try my best to do it all, and with gusto! And laughs! And fun!

Today I can certainly supply some laughs – and cue the “awwww” sounds while we’re at it, courtesy of the ever increasingly expressive baby girl – oops, toddler – in my life, the adorable Puff.

This exchange occurred as we were getting out of our car mid-morning. Puff was trying to look for our neighbor’s dog in their yard. She loves to say “Morning, Nicks!”

Me: “Is the dog there?”

Puff: “No. Sleeping.”

Me: “He’s inside sleeping?”

Puff: “Yeah. Blanket.”

Me: “He’s sleeping with a blanket?”

Puff: “Yeah. Yeah!”

Naturally, everything sleeps with a personal blanket, right?!

And would you like to know her top three favorite words / expressions of the moment?

“No way!”

“Idon’tknow” [All squished together into one word.]

“Umm…” [She says this when we ask her a question, then she says her answer!]

She’s too much!

baby doll

Puff and Punkin’, never more than a few inches apart, 24/7….

And the best of all … I heard her call her baby doll – whom we have all named “Baby” – by a term of endearment that I use for both Puff and Squish. It is adorable to hear her call her beloved Baby a love name! Yesterday morning I heard her on the monitor saying this to Baby:

Puff: “Baby … hi, Punkin’ … Morning, Baby! … Punkin’….”

I can’t even deal … she’s too cute!!


15 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: A New Toddler and Her Words!

  1. OMG!!! I have big tears in my eyes! What an adorable little bundle of joy! And the baby is really called adorable too, but I love Pumpkin better! How truly sweet. I say let your arms rest and do one or two a week until the symptoms abate some. Your readers will not abandon you! You are way too interesting and good at this, so no worries. We’ll be here waiting for you and not thinking with a cringe every time we read a blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. « Pumpkin »… This was the first word our daughter heard from me as she was born… in a French hospital! I still think of her as my pumpkin, even if I can’t use the term any more. It’s nice that your pumpkin has her own 😊
    Anyway, I wish you a lot of success with your job. A pretty good compromise I suppose. And I hope your wrists don’t bother you too much. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

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