Why Am I Still Griping About Daylight Saving Time?!

Why am I complaining about something that happened on Sunday? Something I should’ve gotten over by now?

Because my kids haven’t gotten over it, that’s why. I’ll be honest with you; I dread Fall Back and Spring Forward every year now that I have kids. (And also honestly, Fall Back used to be my second favorite day of the year after Christmas.) No good can possibly come of screwing with your kid’s schedule by a whole freaking hour, am I right?

The least of my troubles was trying to explain to Squish why we changed the hour on the clocks and which direction the hour change went!!

Whose kid woke up early last Sunday morning? Mine! Puff decided to wake up not only one hour earlier than the new clock time (of course kids don’t understand the extra hour of sleep they’re gifted), but an extra hour on top of that! What?! Way to kick a mom when she’s down, kid….

The rest of the week went similarly. The girls woke up consistently half an hour earlier than they used to, which isn’t too bad because it’s half an hour after their body should say so. But damn … we were in such a good groove before Fall Back with nice dark mornings letting the girls sleep peacefully into the morning.


Is this time change really necessary?! Do we still have farmers complaining about lack of daylight still? Do they have children? I don’t know, but I am assuming whoever in government who made this law does not.

How long will it take for my kids to get back to their old wake up schedule? Please don’t tell me March 11, 2018, because I may completely lose it before then.

Can we just stop messing with the clocks already?!

11 thoughts on “Why Am I Still Griping About Daylight Saving Time?!

  1. I totally agree! It has messed me up too, and I’m OLD!! I wake up way too early, am tired and want to go to sleep at nine-thirty, sometimes even earlier, because my body is waking me up so dang early! I’m hungry at the wrong times, trying to stretch out the last hour before lunch while my tummy is screaming~FOOD, NOW!! Really, farmers have lights on their tractors, so let’s give this silly idea up and go with normal {in this case normal is fantastic}.

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  2. Yes! But it’s me and not my kid who can’t sleep. I’ve been waking up between 5 and 6 for almost two weeks now (we changed a week earlier). But as soon as darkness falls at 5 pm, Noah starts saying “Dinner ready”. No kid, not for another two hours.

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