Reality Bites

Umm … hi.

So … as I mentioned recently, I have a little problem. Well, it’s kind of a big problem for me.


It’s carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, and we all know what aggravates CTS – typing. Guys, this CTS is “severe” in one hand, and it’s not going to heal itself. In addition to whatever treatment course I pursue, I need to alter my lifestyle. That means eliminating typing wherever I can.

That means I need to take a break from blogging for awhile … and my hobby writing … and probably extra long emails and such, too. Yikes. I miss it already! I will try my best to keep up with your blogs, because I truly enjoy them, but my commenting will be lower. I’m sorry….

Hopefully I’ll be able to return in a few months, but for now, adieu!

19 thoughts on “Reality Bites

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  2. I’d run a 5K (or enter a donut eating contest) to help find a cure for this. Or allow science to replicate my tendons for you (and for science). Here’s to hoping you get your wrists back so we can get you back, Katherine.

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