About the babies

Hello, world! I’m about three years old now and happy to be here! I heard my mom is talking about me … great. I’m sure there’s a lot of TMI on these pages. Sounds like blackmail to me. Yikes. Better stay on my best behavior … or not?! Anyway, I hope to keep things interesting around here. Bye-bye!


Hi there! I’m baby #2. I arrived JUST as my older sister (whom I adore, by the way) discovered jealousy. It took her awhile to warm up to me, but she loves me now. Really. Anyway, I’m sleeping great now, and my sister is again, also. My mom is pretty happy now. She gives me lots of kisses to prove it. Sweet! Drool on ya later, gator!

6 thoughts on “About the babies

  1. Ah, jealousy! We never suspected our middle child would be worried about his baby sister’s arrival until he asked, when I was still in the hospital : “Are you coming home with HER?” pointing with disgust at this unwanted baby, whom he eventually grew to love and care for!
    Your babies are beautiful! And lucky to have a mom who reads to them!

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    • Oh wow! Kids really do have visceral reactions, don’t they? It’s great how they tell us exactly how they feel, though; they can’t hide their feelings, for better or worse. Good thing the jealousy ended!

      Thank you very much! I love them tremendously! 😀

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