Best Gotta-Have-It Non-Baby Items for Mothers

There are¬†hundreds of listicles for "What Every New Mom Needs For Baby," and I've already called out some some popular items I think are totally BS. That got me thinking about what things parents¬†really need but just never make it onto the baby registry. These are the items every baby household really benefits from having, … Continue reading Best Gotta-Have-It Non-Baby Items for Mothers

What We Overspend on For Kids

I had an epiphany a few weeks ago, and it was bolstered a few minutes ago as I put away some clean kiddie cups (more in a moment). Baby's pediatrician recommended I try feeding her Cream of Wheat (I've been having trouble getting her enough milk and carbs) ... so I bought a box. What … Continue reading What We Overspend on For Kids

Wait, Toothpaste and Medicine AREN’T Candy?!

... Someone should tell the pharmaceutical companies, 'cause they've sure been fooling my kids! Grape-flavored liquid acetaminophen for Baby? Check. Cherry-flavored ibuprofen pill for Toddler? Check. Fruit punch-flavored fluoride-free toothpaste for Toddler? Check. When they need medicine, they are¬†thrilled to take it because it tastes like a treat. And I cannot stop Toddler from swallowing … Continue reading Wait, Toothpaste and Medicine AREN’T Candy?!

Baby-proofing: Who Is It For?!

Raise your hand if you baby-proofed your house, especially once your child started crawling or walking. And opening every drawer. And approaching every electrical outlet with outstretched fingers. Kind of essential, right? The whole protection thing? Yes, it protects the children ... and guess what? It also protects adults ... from plugging things in, moving … Continue reading Baby-proofing: Who Is It For?!