Toddler Talk Tuesday: Sweet Dreams?

Every family has their particular bedtime routine, and ours involves split duties. First we read together in Squish's bed, then one of us takes Puff to her bed to lay down while the other lays with Squish for a few minutes after she turns off the light in preparation for dreamland. Usually those few minutes … Continue reading Toddler Talk Tuesday: Sweet Dreams?

Toddler Talk Tuesday – The Bedtime Ritual

Ever since our 3yo (nearly 4) learned how to spell her name, she started saying something funny at bedtime just as I or my husband (whoever is laying her down that night) leave the room. She loves to say: "Don't forget your word! Don't forget: It's [her name, correctly spelled]. That spells [her name] ... … Continue reading Toddler Talk Tuesday – The Bedtime Ritual