What I Shouldn’t Enjoy as a Mom – But 100% Do

There's a lot to kvetch about as a parent, isn't there? Many blogs (umm, this one included) poke fun of or just outright complain about everything from diaper explosions to sibling rivalry. Of course, other blogs exclusively extol their parenting bliss until the reader herself has unicorns sprouting from her eyeballs. I actually enjoy both … Continue reading What I Shouldn’t Enjoy as a Mom – But 100% Do

Matching Outfits: A Learning Curve

At times my 3yo daughter shows signs of being the next Diane Von Furstenberg - she is constantly draping kitchen towels and blankets on herself and her stuffed animals to make "pretty dresses." Sometimes they actually are pretty! And then she insists on picking out her little sister's outfit, choosing, of all colors and patterns to combine, … Continue reading Matching Outfits: A Learning Curve