Playing Soccer, Toddler Style

I considered putting my 3yo in soccer lessons with a few of her friends ... ... for about five seconds. Notwithstanding the vision of a dozen amped up toddlers running amok instead of doing well-ordered drills, I just don't think my kid needs the lessons. She already has the skills, you see. Yesterday I asked … Continue reading Playing Soccer, Toddler Style

Never Ever Could I Handle Cloth Diapers!

I'd call my 3yo potty trained, but she still has accidents (okay ... I'm almost 33 and ... I admit it, I've had an accident from time to time ... okay, maybe it's genetic ... oh shit what I have done to this child?!) occasionally. Very occasionally (you go, girl!). Pee I can deal with. Poop? … Continue reading Never Ever Could I Handle Cloth Diapers!

Awesome parenting landmark No.23 #diaperchanges #toomanydiapers

In the first few months after our daughter was born, my husband and I amused ourselves by counting the number of diaper changes we'd made based on the number of diaper boxes we'd bought. We patted ourselves on the back, congratulating our new-found parenting skills and expert wiping ability. But now, 18 months into this … Continue reading Awesome parenting landmark No.23 #diaperchanges #toomanydiapers