Toddler Poop Experiences, Take 17

One of the worst experiences in motherhood (aside from illnesses, injuries, etc. - the REALLY serious stuff) is getting two steps from the top of the stairs on your way to pick up your toddler from her nap (even though she was just awake the whole time) and you smell It. Poop. That unmistakably rotten … Continue reading Toddler Poop Experiences, Take 17

It’s the Little Things #sickbaby #babypuke

Some days I have pretty large goals of what I want to do with my daughter - teach her a color word and get it "down" by the end of the day, for example. Today, I just want to get through the day without having to wash puke off her crib sheets and buddy stuffed … Continue reading It’s the Little Things #sickbaby #babypuke