It’s Tough Living in Legoland

Way in the northern rural-suburban stretches of New Jersey, settled in a cozy two-story yellow house, sprawled across the plush swaths of rug in the library room, lays a quaint and peaceful little town called┬áLegoland. Tourists might enjoy a visit to the city's awe-inspiring cathedral... Front towers! A rose window! Flying buttresses! Clerestory windows! Pews … Continue reading It’s Tough Living in Legoland

I Can’t Wait For My Kids To “Grow Up So Fast” – Here Are My Top 10 Reasons Why

That expression! "They grow up so fast; enjoy every minute!" Do I enjoy every minute? Of course not. No parent does. If they say yes, they're lying the biggest lie a person can make. I will never enjoy changing a diaper or cleaning up spilled meals (although I do have a perma-clean dining area floor … Continue reading I Can’t Wait For My Kids To “Grow Up So Fast” – Here Are My Top 10 Reasons Why

What Do I DO With All This Crap?*

*It's not really crap, honest. Just "art." I know I'm not the only mom with this problem: too much art, too many crafts, too many watercolor paintings hung around the house. And the accompanying problem: too many craft items (pom-poms, markers, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, stamps, construction paper, coloring books, paints, brushes). And don't even … Continue reading What Do I DO With All This Crap?*

Murphy’s Laws of Parenting

Inspired by Newton's Laws of Motion and Murphy's Law ... I bring you ... Murphy's of Parenting! As a scientist by training, I have, by careful observation and years of parental training, developed the following list: A child in motion will remain in motion (regardless of momentum-arresting attempts by parental figures). A just-cleaned item (toilet, … Continue reading Murphy’s Laws of Parenting