Sweet Memories Friday: An Early (Napless) Black Friday for Me

It's been a year now since my otherwise lovely three-year-old daughter started her naptime struggles. She's napped off and on since then, sometimes more easily than others. I guess it's time for her to stop, though it's really, really hard for me to accept. Because, let's face it, naptime is really for moms! (At least after … Continue reading Sweet Memories Friday: An Early (Napless) Black Friday for Me

Parenting Misconception #56 – Juggling Two Kids

I'm really good at having parenting misconceptions, despite popping two kids out by now. Before baby #2 came along, I really feared the loooong minutes I knew I'd be spending breastfeeding. I anticipated being glued to the couch/rocking chair while that little babe sucked for a good 30-40 minutes, all the while my adorable toddler … Continue reading Parenting Misconception #56 – Juggling Two Kids