Toddler Talk Tuesday: Happy Halloween and … Taunting?

First off, Happy Halloween! I hope you and your kids are enjoying a very spirited holiday (see what I did there?!). Squish has been wearing her Elsa costume for the past 6 weeks ... every day (yes, I've washed it), and Puff has worn her costume all of 0.75 seconds - and never will again. … Continue reading Toddler Talk Tuesday: Happy Halloween and … Taunting?


There’s a Reason Motherly Instinct Exists

There's just something about stereotypes that are so ... true. For better or worse, whether we feel guilty about admitting it or not, stereotypes exist for a reason. They were coined because of a prevailing trend, and they typically continue to be proven. My favorite stereotype is that "mother knows best" because she has that "motherly … Continue reading There’s a Reason Motherly Instinct Exists

Murphy’s Laws of Parenting

Inspired by Newton's Laws of Motion and Murphy's Law ... I bring you ... Murphy's of Parenting! As a scientist by training, I have, by careful observation and years of parental training, developed the following list: A child in motion will remain in motion (regardless of momentum-arresting attempts by parental figures). A just-cleaned item (toilet, … Continue reading Murphy’s Laws of Parenting