Toddler Talk Tuesday: Sweet Dreams?

Every family has their particular bedtime routine, and ours involves split duties. First we read together in Squish's bed, then one of us takes Puff to her bed to lay down while the other lays with Squish for a few minutes after she turns off the light in preparation for dreamland. Usually those few minutes … Continue reading Toddler Talk Tuesday: Sweet Dreams?

My Daughter Has Princess-itis

That's a thing, right? I'm pretty sure, because I looked it up and the dictionary said, "a disease afflicting the toddler- and preschool-aged girl marked by unswerving obsessions with all things princess, fancy, Disney, fairy tale, and dress-up." That about sums up the situation. If I'm not calling my 4yo by her real name, it's … Continue reading My Daughter Has Princess-itis