About the mom


Hi! I’m Katherine, my kids’ mother – and walker, feeder, clean-up-afterer, cheerleader, calmer, and everything else. Being a mom can be tiring and exasperating, but finding the comedy in life as a stay-at-home-mom keeps me sane. Sometimes my little girls – three years old and six months – do and say the funniest things, and this is where I’ll share them. Mostly, though, I’ll just post a line or two with an observation about something she does or says, a realization I’ve made, or a slightly silly thought I had related to her or what she does. These one-liners have been in my head for awhile, and now I’d like to share them. They’re starting to become more than one-liners, but oh well. I also cross-post on Twitter under the name @JoelleD5.

A few months ago I gave birth to my second daughter, and my first baby will be officially a big sister! My, how time flies…. Should this blog name be changed to “Welcome To The Nurseries?!” Bear with me, readers – I’m going insane right about now.


14 thoughts on “About the mom

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  3. Hi, Katherine!
    I was tagged for the #RockingMotherhood challenge, and I’ve now tagged you to carry on the torch! You can find my post here: messy-mommy.com/05/29/2017/rocking-motherhood.


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