Toddler Talk Tuesday: Saying It Like It Is

Sometimes my toddler is completely out in left field with the bizarre things she says, but other times she is actually so spot on it’s eerie. Actually, I think kids are sometimes just more observant than we give them credit for. Twice last week Toddler said something that really gave me pause.

Toddler: “You’re very nice, sire.”

Me: “Did you just call me ‘sire?'”

Toddler: “Yes, I did. You’re my sire.”

Me: “I guess I am….”

Background: Toddler really enjoys reading the medieval section of a cool time history book by Usborne (the Time Traveler, for those who are interested). I assume that’s where she learned the word “sire?” But yes, I am her sire! Obey me, oh tiny subject!

And the second nugget, which came only mid-morning on a particularly trying day:

Me: “Oh my God, you know what you guys are today? Fussy.”

Toddler: “A pain in the butt?”

Me: “Hmm, I wasn’t going to say that … yet. But definitely fussy.”

Yes, I think I used the phrase “pain in the butt” for the first time the previous day – and regret it still. The phrases “zip it” and “for the love of God” have also escaped my lips in the last month … big oops. Even with my retractions, Toddler has repeated them….

But hey, at least she’s calling ’em like she sees ’em! That’s my girl!


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