Mother’s Day Share

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers! We do extraordinary jobs – and sometimes, yes, ordinary (as I categorize things like laundry and vacuuming as pretty darn ordinary) – making little people and forming them into functional and fun human beings. It’s simultaneously entertaining, enriching, and exhausting, isn’t it?

Some beautiful words have been written this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Yumna at The Institution of Parenthood writes Mother’s Day Special: Supermarket Flowers  … these words are so excellent: “And I realize that I was her first introduction to the feel of human skin. Her first idea of tenderness, of warmth, of sustenance. Her first inkling of kindness and of sacrifice. Her first introduction to love.” WOW.

A South African dad (great writing!) at Ah Dad … writes Wife is the greatest Mother in the World (or How I score browning points.)

Sheila at The Humor Columnist Blog writes To Mom

Enjoy the above words and below from my adorable, lovable Toddler this evening:

Toddler: “I love daddy the most.”

Me [a bit aghast]: “On Mother’s Day?”

Toddler: “Yeah, I love daddy the most on Mother’s Day!”

Well, at least she gave me a handmade gift and big hugs earlier!


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Share

    • You know what? I completely knew that you’re South African (I thought it was neat when I found your blog because my husband has traveled there about 10 times for work .. and actually brought me back a diamond for my ring! We greatly enjoy your country’s wines, scenery, and gems.. :)) .. I COMPLETELY had a space-out moment there! My apologies! I’m going to edit it now.

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  1. Awwn thanks so much for the link and the quote! I am so glad someone could relate, to feel touched by what I had to say. A Happy Mother’s Day to you too! (When I gave my daughter a huge bear hug on Mother’s day, she said, “Ok, ok. Easy there girl”, as she backed away from me lol).

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