In 5 Months, She May Be Walking. Maybe.

For the most part, I feel like parenting our second child is trying to fix any mistakes we made with child #1 (and there were just a few, to be fair to us).

Like trying not to have this baby do “fingertip walking” (AKA walking around the house for hours with her weak torso a-swaying like a waddling penguin) for months – literally, 5 MONTHS prior to taking her first steps on her own.

I love my toddler. To bits. But those five months were KILLER. My lower back was burning more than a California wildfire every day from bending down to her itty bitty level. I didn’t want to do this with baby #2!!

But it’s una-freaking-voidable … because once a baby can sit and is too impatient to crawl (and sees her big sister walking everywhere all day … oh, the freedom!), all she wants to do is stand up and give me the “PLEASE-SOMEONE-HOLD-MY-HAND-SO-I-CAN-WANDER-NOW-PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE-WAAAAH” face. And at 7.5 months, this phase has begun full tilt, and there is no going back.

Of course I give in … because I love her … more than I love my back, evidently.


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3 thoughts on “In 5 Months, She May Be Walking. Maybe.

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